Design with heritage

Brusewitz’ philosophy is to make use of beautiful items that tell a story. Each pearl used is unique, each lace is crocheted, each monogram is carefully embroidered by hand. And the beautiful fabrics are woven from flax or cotton.

All products are handmade and pay tribute to beautiful things produced by women in past generations. The result is quality and uniqueness which is hard to find in newly manufactured products.

Brusewitz was founded by and is run by Thyra and Ebba Brusewitz. We offer a wide collection of jewelry and design objects. Different textile techniques are used and we allow the manufacturing process to take time. Inspired by Grandma Ulla’s flamboyant and extravagant jewelry box and Grandma Maria’s well-stocked linen closets, our design philosophy is to create unique items where no end-product looks the same.

If you are interested in our products or in becoming a retailer, please get in touch by email.